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Three physically disabled men, all virgins, hire a traveling nurse to drive them cross country to a Montreal brothel that specializes in servicing individuals with disabilities. This romantic comedy is based on a true story and a remake of the 2011 Belgian film Hasta la Vista.

Ravi Patel, Grant Rosemeyer and Hayden Szeto in Come as You Are

Starring Grant Rosenmeyer (who also is a producer), Hayden Szeto, and Ravi Patel, with Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) as their driver, the film is a heartwarming, sex positive tale about recognizing the sexual needs of the disabled. Janeane Garafalo, C.S. Lee, Jennifer Jelsema and Martha Kuwahara are excellent as the well-meaning but at times smothering family members.

Ravi Patel and Gabourey Sidibe in Come as You Are

The film is charming and realistic, earning both its laughs and its tears while carefully avoiding sappy,  cheap sentimentality. Despite some jarring tonal shifts and the casting of able-bodied actors in the lead roles, director Richard Wong handles the topic with humor and sensitivity. Bring tissues.


Asta Philpot also appears in Come as You Are as the owner of the brothel that caters to the disabled

•  This movie was inspired by the life of Asta Philpot, chronicled in the 2007 documentary For One Night Only and the 2011 Belgian film Hasta la Vista.

Come as You Are won audience awards at the Calgary, Philadelphia and Napa Valley film festivals in 2019.

Director Richard Wong on the set of Come as You Are

• Director Richard Wong (The Valet, Colma: The Musical) has been an accomplished cinematographer for 19 years.


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