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Clouds is the inspiring Disney+ tearjerker based on the true story of Zach Sobiech, a terminally-ill Minnesota teenager who pursued his dream of making an album in 2013 after he found out that his rare bone cancer had spread, giving him only months to live. To his surprise, his song “Clouds” became a viral music sensation.

Madison Iseman and Fin Argus in Clouds

Director Justin Baldoni (Five Feet Apart), who first met Sobiech while filming his documentary My Last Days about teens with terminal illnesses, has assembled a fitting tribute to an inspirational young singer-songwriter. Fin Argus (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Gifted) brings a subtle, nuanced portrait of  Zach that inspires without being maudlin. There is lots of authenticity, heart and sob-inducing moments in this film – not just from Argus, but from an excellent supporting cast that includes Neve Campbell (Scream, Party of Five) and Tom Everett Scott (That Thing That You Do) as his parents, Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World) as his best friend and Madison Iseman (Bethany from the Jumanji films) as his girlfriend.

Fin Argus and Sabrina Carpenter in Clouds.

In the pantheon of films about young adults with terminal illnesses – The Fault In Our Stars, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and A Walk to RememberClouds is an inspiringly authentic and welcome addition.


• Two days after the film’s premiere on Disney+, “Clouds,” which had reached #3 on the Billboard rock song chart and #26 on the Hot 100 chart in 2013, again hit #1 on iTunes. The “Clouds” music video above has gotten more than 15 million views.

• In the film’s final concert scene, the audience includes Zach’s real life friends and extended family members.

• Zach Sobiech’s best friend Sammy Brown wrote and recorded the song “Purple Pink,” which plays during the film’s end credits.

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