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Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) stars in this biopic of the rock group Queen and its iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury, chronicling the group’s formation, meteoric highs, and lows, culminating in its legendary reunion appearance at the 1985 Live Aid concert.

While director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, the X-Men movies) ticks all the expected biopic boxes to deliver a fairly straightforward, predictable (albeit sexually watered down) story about the flamboyant superstar, Malek is a tour de force, channeling Mercury in magnificent fashion, and aided by a strong supporting cast – Lucy Boynton (Sing Street, Murder on the Orient Express), Allen Leech (Downton Abbey) and Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones). It culminates in a rousing, crowd pleasing finale that transports fans to that iconic 1985 moment like it was today. A beautiful tribute.


• Mike Myers, as EMI executive Ray Foster, pleads with the band not to release Bohemian Rhapsody as a single, saying no one will play it in their cars. One of the most iconic scenes in Wayne’s World  is Wayne and Garth rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody – in their car.

• Director Bryan Singer was replaced by Dexter Fletcher for the final two weeks of filming after Singer was a no show following infighting with star Rami Malek and other cast members

• The film falsely claims Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS and disclosed his illness to the band prior to Live Aid. Per his partner Jim Hutton, Mercury wasn’t diagnosed until two years later.



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  1. Rudy marek November 5, 2018

    I had tears in my eyes all the way through this movie.