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This sequel to the super creepy 1999 Blair Witch Project (which smartly pretends that the horrible 2000 sequel Blair Witch: Book of Shadows never existed) picks up more than a decade later, with a new wanna-be documentary crew (led by the brother of the original film’s female character) heading back into the Maryland wilderness, this time with snazzier gadgets. (Oh yay… drones.) The dozen cheap jump scares aside, this hot mess of a movie is little more than lost millennials doing dumb shit like collecting firewood alone at night and climbing tall trees in the dark when not freaking out (which by itself would be more comedy than horror), underscored by a kitchen sink of American Horror Story Asylum-inspired nonsensical sub-plots (aliens? Bigfoot? parasitic monsters hatching from within? time travel?) – none of which are ever explained or carried out to completion in this maddeningly goofy, plot-free disaster of a “film.”

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