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This Netflix original animated comedy is one of the raunchiest, most realistic explorations of the wonderfully weird, awkward world of teenage puberty currently on television. With a line-up of voices that includes Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen and a slew of big name guests, it stars Nick Kroll, John Mulvaney and Jessi Klein as 7th graders taking us into a gleefully hilarious head trip featuring masturbation-obsessed hormone monsters and horned up ghosts of jazz great Duke Ellington and a recently departed (and now gay) Supreme Court justice. Yes, it is THAT kind of series, and despite all the aggressively vulgar humor, it is surprisingly and oddly sweet, as our characters tackle such issues as peer pressure, sexual identity, and bullying. Like porn, this is one show best enjoyed alone, or with other fun, filthy-minded friends.

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