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This prequel to 2014’s Annabelle, itself a prequel to the acclaimed horror thriller The Conjuring, focuses on how the spooky life-sized doll turned demon conduit first came to be.

Our story focuses on a couple in 1940s California that, 12 years after their own daughter was killed in a freak accident, opens their farmhouse to a group of orphan girls – with wonderfully disastrous and terrifying results.

Director David F. Sandberg, who thrilled with last year’s Lights Out, again delivers the goods, with likable main characters, a horrifying demon, and loads of creepy moments and shout out loud scares. The only tiny weakness – a finale that, in its quest for nonstop screams, goes a bit off the rails before clunkily but cleverly dovetailing to its next chapter. Still, a masterfully done horror flick.

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