Over the years, 1983’s A Christmas Story has become a holiday classic, with Peter Billingsley’s young Ralphie navigating 1940s-era school bullies, triple dog dares from his buddies Flick and Schwartz, and his father’s Fragile lamp – “It’s a major award!” – all in his quest for a Red Ryder BB Gun.

Ignoring the dreadful 2012 sequel A Christmas Story 2, Billingsley reprises his iconic role in this sequel to the holiday favorite which sees an adult Ralphie returning to his childhood home for the holidays in the wake of his father’s passing. (Darren McGavin died in 2006.) Julie Hagarty (Just Friends, Airplane!) is filling in for Melinda Dillon (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) as Ralphie’s mother, with lots of the original film’s child actors – Ralphie’s little brother, two best friends and the bully he eventually beat up and cussed out – all reprising their roles.

A Christmas Story Christmas premieres on HBO Max on November 17th. What do you think? Will it be a winner on par with the original or a pre-Thanksgiving turkey? Add your comments below!

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