by Abb Jones
The Reelness

The release of A Quiet Place II, the highly-anticipated sequel to the popular 2017 Emily Blunt/John Krasinski sci-fi/thriller, is now being delayed due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Krasinski, who also directs the film, made the announcement Thursday, just a week before the film was to premiere internationally.

John Krasinski’s announcement on Twitter.

The film joins a growing number of movies that have been delayed as a result of coronavirus concerns. Sony recently pushed the release of Peter Rabbit 2 to August and Universal recently pushed the release of the latest James Bond movie No Time to Die to November.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Oscars on February 9th

On Wednesday, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that they have tested positive for the coronavirus while working on a film in Australia.

Movie theaters across Europe, the Middle East and Asia have closed in an effort to help limit public gatherings and contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

There is no word yet on when A Quiet Place II might be released. The first film grossed $152 million at the box office.


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