Memorial Day Weekend marks the official start of the summer movie season, and this season’s lineup in the horror genre looks fairly promising, a blend of more traditional, the psychological, a remake of a classic, a superhero horror and one even blending zombies with laughs.

If their trailers are accurate (and we know they sometimes aren’t), at least some of these nine horror films will be scaring the bejeesus out of us in the theaters this summer.  Mark your calendars, get the popcorn ready and get ready to scream. Let’s take a look at them:

Brightburn – May 24th

What would happen if Superman turned out not to be the altruistic superhero, but rather, was evil incarnate?  Elizabeth Banks trades in her usual Pitch Perfect comic skills to channel every mother’s worst nightmare, starring as the adopted mother of this terrifying youngster from another mother.

Ma – May 31

Ma is the story of an amiable middle-aged loner (Octavia Spencer) who befriends a group of high school students, inviting them to her home in the woods to hangout and party. When Ma’s hospitality turns into obsession, the creeped out kids realize that their teenage dreamhouse is a  nightmare.

The Dead Don’t Die – June 14

Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Tilda Swinton headline an all-star cast in this horror-comedy about a sleepy, small town where the dead rise from their graves to feast on the living. It’s preview at Cannes should indicate whether this film, even if it isn’t that scary, is lots of fun:

Head Count – June 14

This low budget horror is about a shape-shifting creature that terrorizes a group of teenagers in the California desert after one of them reads a mysterious chant from an internet website, teaching us all to be careful what we read… out loud.

Child’s Play – June 21

Time to play! Yes, Chucky, the knife-wielding, evil Buddi doll immortalized in the classic 90s slasher flicks is back for another go ’round in this remake, only this time we also get smart cars, drones and Audrey Plaza as the mother of the young boy who unites with neighborhood kids to stop Chucky’s deadly rampage.

The 16th Episode – June 28

In this low budget found-footage horror, three wannabe YouTube stars live stream a satanic ritual online, hoping to gain new followers. They soon discover the ritual is real and the deaths they are streaming may be their own.

Annabelle Comes Home – June 28

The latest in the Conjuring Universe franchise has paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) locking the possessed Annabelle doll in the artifacts room of their home. Thanks to a babysitter ignoring the “Positively Do Not Open” warning sign (See? It’s right there in the trailer!), the unleashed doll soon awakens other evil spirits, sparking a night of unholy terror for their ten-year-old daughter (Mckenna Grace), her friends and their babysitters.

Midsommar – July 3

On the heels of last year’s dread-inducing psychological horror Hereditary, director Ari Aster follows a young couple (Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor) to a fabled midsummer festival in rural Sweden, where an idyllic retreat soon turns into a violent and bizarre competition lead by a pagan cult.

The New Mutants – Update: April 2020

X-men fans, hold your applause. The release of long-awaited fantasy-horror, the 13th and final film in the X-Men series, starring Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from The Game of Thrones), was just pushed back a fourth time – to April 2020. Apparently producers need to shoot more, scarier scenes for this tale about a group of teenage mutants trying to come to terms with their new superpowers while being held in a secret facility. There is even word it might not hit theaters at all but be dropped on the Hulu streaming service. (Sigh.)

Which of the soon-to-be-released horror films are YOU most excited to see?  Chime in, with your comments below:

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