In Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar-winning sci-fi blockbuster Gravity, Sandra Bullock’s character makes radio contact with a male voice back on Earth just before the big climax of the film. We see her speaking with the character, who doesn’t speak English, and we hear a dog barking and baby crying.

At the other end of that conversation is a seven-minute live action short that Cuarón’s son Jonás filmed on location in Greenland for $100,000. The story, which parallels Bullock’s character of isolated human survival, stars Greenlander Orto Ignatiussen as an Inuit fisherman stationed with his family and beloved sled dogs on a remote fjord in the vast barren wilderness.

The film, Aningaaq, was also in contention for Best Live Action Short, but unfortunately didn’t make it to the shortlist round of the nomination process. Had it picked up a nomination, it would have been a historic achievement – two separate but linked films both earning Oscar nominations in their respective categories.

Here is the film. Enjoy!

For Jeff.

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