On the heels of his Oscar win last year for Best Original Screenplay for the wildly successful Get Out, writer/director Jordan Peele has released a trailer for his upcoming horror/thriller, Us, which premieres in March 2019. It looks TERRIFYING.

The story centers on a family played by Winston Duke, Lupita N’yong’o, and their two children, who are terrorized by their super creepy doppelgängers, four figures who appear out of the forest near their house and assume their forms, intent on killing and replacing them.

From the trailer at least, the film also appears reminiscent of 2008’s home invasion thriller, The Strangers:

According to Peele, the theme of Us is that we’re our own worst enemy, which the film takes to extremely literal lengths.

Jordan Peele

Us is scheduled to premiere in the U.S. on March 15th.

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