What better way to celebrate Halloween, than with a 13 day spree of horror films! Yes, for each of the next 13 days, The Reelness is adding a recommended horror flick below for your viewing pleasure – some available in theaters (like our first Day One entry below), and even more available in the comfort of your home via the streaming apps, such as Amazon and Netflix.

In crafting our list, we decided to forgo the more mainstream or iconic films such as The Exorcist, The Conjuring, etc, instead scouring the cobwebs of cinema to find some lesser known, hidden gems of horror to delight and fright you. All our films below will have one thing in common – none have a grade below a B-.  So grab the popcorn and snacks, turn out all the lights, and enjoy!

Day One: Halloween (2018)

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is back, 40 years after our beleaguered babysitter survived a night of terror at her home in Haddonfield, Illinois:

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/halloween-2018/

Day Two: From The Dark

This well-crafted, modern day vampire thriller is about a couple stranded in the remote Irish countryside, where a farmer has unknowingly unearthed a creature sleeping for hundreds of years in a peat bog.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/from-the-dark/

Day Three: Hush

If you loved the new Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House then this 2016 thriller from the husband and wife, director and actress duo Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel, is a must see. In it, Siegel is a deaf-mute novelist living in seclusion in the woods who is terrorized by a psychotic killer.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/hush/

Day Four: Fire In The Sky

We dug back in the vault to 1993 for this sci-fi horror about one of the world’s most famous alien abduction stories, the 1975 alleged abduction of Arizona logger Travis Walton – a film which, 25 years later, STILL features one of the most terrifying depictions of alien abduction in film.

Our Review: https://thereelness.com/film/fire-in-the-sky/

Day Five: Jessabelle

There’s nothing quite like a jump scare-filled Louisiana bayou/voodoo horror to keep you awake at night, and this straight-to-video film starring Sarah Snook as a young woman moving in with her estranged father to recover from a car accident and learn about her mysterious past is a surprisingly good one, with a creepy mood and a clever twist.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/jessabelle/

Day Six: The Ritual

Don’t go hiking in witchcraft-filled woods filled with animal mutilations and missing campers! This Netflix original horror features four campers making lots of bad choices in the remote forests of Northern Sweden.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/the-ritual/

Day Seven: Train to Busan

This South Korean has passengers riding a train to the southern port city of Busan in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, featuring everything genre fans could want – a fast-paced story with lots of tension, lots of action, and LOTS of zombies. It was such a hit a sequel is in the works.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/train-to-busan/

Day Eight: The Last Exorcism

When a fake exorcist in south Louisiana decides to film a documentary showing the parlor tricks he uses to fool his gullible clients, he gets more than he bargained for, when he meets a client who may truly be possessed. This terrifying demonic possession film will give you the chills.

Our review:https://thereelness.com/film/the-last-exorcism/

Day Nine: We Are Still Here

B-grade horror scream queen Barbara Crampton stars in this cleverly-crafted, terrifying, old school horror flick about a couple that moves into an old house harboring vengeful spirits in a small New England town with a sinister secret. This gore-fest is not for the squeamish!

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/we-are-still-here/

Day Ten: Green Room

Fellow Star Trek alums Patrick Stewart and the late Anton Yelchin star in this terrifying tale of a punk rock band trying to escape white supremacists from a gig gone bad, when they witness a killing in the remote Oregon roadhouse after their performance. You’ll never look at duct tape the same way again.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/green-room/

Day Eleven: The Other Side of The Door

After the son of an American couple in Mumbai dies in a car accident, his distraught mother learns of a remote Hindu temple where she can speak to him one last time through the door, as long as she doesn’t open the door. She does, unleashing unholy terror.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/the-other-side-of-the-door/

 Day Twelve: The Strangers

If merely the prospect of home invasion scares you, then this extremely terrifying and realistic 2008 horror/thriller starring Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler is guaranteed to have you checking the locks on your doors and windows before bedtime.

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/the-strangers/

Day Thirteen: Halloween (1978)

What better way to commemorate the holiday than with the iconic 1978 original?!? Click on the review below and the link to the 4K remaster on Amazon, and enjoy. Happy Halloween!

Our review: https://thereelness.com/film/halloween/

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