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Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, Ex Machina) stars in this reboot of the popular Lara Croft action-adventure franchise, heading to a remote Japanese island after her eccentric billionaire father goes missing while searching for the tomb of an ancient sorceress. Director Roar Uthaug, on the heels of his successful 2016 Norwegian tsunami disaster The Wave, delivers all the requisite Indiana Jones-like visual effects and spectacular scenery of the original Angelina Jolie films, despite being saddled with a story that, while grounded in more realism, doesn’t offer much new to the franchise and at time is a bit more ridiculous. Seriously, Lara Croft should have died no fewer than five times in this film. Still, it’s a fun mindless romp on a rainy day and Vikander is great as our heroine.

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